Wondering About COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines

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Why should we get a COVID-19 vaccine now?

The shortest answer to this question is “because there is no other way to get rid of the epidemic!” happens. For nearly a year, the whole world has been struggling with this epidemic, which affects all countries, which we call a pandemic, in a political, economic, commercial, medical and scientific struggle. A new hybrid of the virus named Corona, known for a long time, CoV-2 (COVID-19) seriously affects all countries with a deadly and widespread infection.

There are three ways, two natural and one artificial, in order to successfully eradicate this epidemic disease, which does not have an effective and specific antiviral treatment. The first way is that the majority of all people living in the world, in an epidemic that lasts for years, naturally encounter the virus and form a social immunity, and eventually the survivors gain immunity and the epidemic ends naturally, that is, the event called “herd immunity” takes place.


The second natural way is for the virus to undergo another major mutation (hybridisation). It loses the ability to infect or cause disease from person to person. It can become history like other viruses. The mutation can also represent a change that could make the virus even more deadly. This poses a threat of extinction for humanity (though unlikely). It is not known how many years these natural events will cost humanity. It is not even possible to predict how much social damage it will cause. At the moment, mankind has only one way to end this pandemic. Immunity with vaccines. There is no other method. So there is no other choice but to get vaccinated.

There are many multinational medical cartels that routinely manufacture and develop vaccines. Among them, there is a great competition and race on an international scale. Because now the medical cartel has outstripped many other cartels (weapons, petrochemicals, tourism, etc.). It became a tremendous economic power and industrial giant. It will not be difficult to say that this competition is international and that it goes beyond ethical values ​​from time to time. Another reason why many sections of the society are confused is the unfounded information pollution fueled by this competition and spreading rapidly on the internet. Countries like ours that cannot strategically develop their own human vaccine technologies become the main target of this information pollution.

Which coronavirus vaccine should be preferred ?

The shortest answer to this question is the vaccine that can be reached as soon as possible and reliably. Naturally, there will be slight differences between the scientific effectiveness of the vaccines prepared by different manufacturers with different techniques. Now, the rules, phases, safety-efficacy ratios of vaccine studies and even published scientific articles are closely followed by other people who are not healthcare professionals in the media. This situation does not help in making vaccination decisions, it is even more confusing and does more harm than good. The current scientific data is not enough for us to make a comment about which company’s COVID-19 vaccine may be superior to another to extinguish the epidemic.

What are the Ways of Protection?